Friday, July 17, 2009

New Skills

Hi everyone,

I have learnt new skills! On Floor, I have learnt a front arial and the International 5 Routine! On Metal Bars, I have done an endo on low bar, L-Grip Swings on low bar and high bar and I have also learnt cast to handstand reverse-grip giants on high bar!! On Wooden bar, I have done L-Grip swings and Swing to L-Grip!! I am very happy about that!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

About My Gymnastics

Hi Everyone,

I do gymnastics at a High Performance Gymnasium. There are lots of gymnasts there. I am in International Squad 2 which is the second highest squad at my gym. This year I competed at level 3A. When I had my competition season, I was in level 3A. Now my competition season is over so I am International level 5, because the next level up is International 5. I am now learning the International 5 routines and I will compete them next year.
During gym we do Strength, Flexibility, High Bar, Low Bar, Metal Bars, Floor Exercise, Floor Tumbling, Balance Beam, Tumble Track, Trampoline, Vault and Ballet. We don't do everything in one session.
I enjoy gym a lot!!