Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hi Followers,

Soon in July, there is a comp and training camp in Perth called Nationals. Next year it's somewhere else (hopefully in Brisbane!!!). Only Level IDP 6 can compete at Nationals but Level IDP 5 can go to the camp. I'm going to the camp with 5 other girls. We're leaving on the 15th of July and coming back on about the 21st of July.

Soon we're getting a new competition leotard and it's got some jade green on it. On the second day of Nationals, our IDP 6's will hopefully get to wear it. They're my best friends so I sort of don't want them to wear it without me!

Gym Jade

Monday, June 13, 2011

State Champion!

Hey Guys,

Yesterday was Day 2 of VICS. I did pretty well on Bars and Floor. Vault was OK but Beam I fell but I still did really well. In the awards, I came 1st on Bars, Beam and Floor. I came 2nd on Vault and 1st AA!!!! I was SOOOOOOOO happy!

Gym Jade

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yesterday was one of the days of the biggest competition, VICS. Yesterday, it was the team awards and I was in the IDP 5 team. We did really well and all that paid off because we came first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so happy! I nearly fell off the podium because we have 5 IDP 5s. We got our medal and the club will get a penant thing. MLC's IDP 6 gymnasts didn't have a team because there's only 2 and one didn't compete but she came with us. Tomorrow is the Individual awards. It's yesterday's score and tomorrow's score combined. So if I got 15.150 (which I did) on Bars yesterday, and I got 15.150 again tomorrow, I will have a Bars score of 30.300 which is really good. So far, I'm the State Champion of IDP 5. Christchurch competes as well but if they get something, a Victorian gets it as well because it's Victorian Championships.

Gym Jade!!!!!

Comps So Far


Sorry I haven't written. I've forgotten about this blog.

I've had three comps so far this year. I've had the VWHPC comp, Trial 1 and Trial 2. I've done really well in all of them.

Gym Jade!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A New Year


I've been moved up into a higer group this year. This year's been pretty fun so far. I'm starting school on Friday but I'm really looking forward to it! At gym I did a round off flip back layout 1 1/2 twist!!! I was really scared and I'm still a bit scared now but it's better!

Gym Jade

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm sick and here's what I'm doing

Hi Followers,
I just came back from school camp on Wednesday. I'm sick so I can't go to gym. I'm quite bored here at home. It's unusual not being at gym all the time. I've done some stretching and strength at home because I can't do it at gym. I just played Jin Rummy (Jin for short) with my mum! I won a lot of the games. I'm going to watch some more TV soon. Mum said that I can choose another game to play but it can't be something like Cabbage Patch Kids.
Gym Jade

Friday, July 9, 2010

Runner and a NEW pet!!!


Tomorrow I'm going to be a runner for the Level 1 competition at MLC!

I've also got a new pet. He's a silver grey tabby cat. He LOVES to play foosball!! Mum and dad took my brother and I out for a suprise. We finally arrived at the RSPCA in about half an hour. Mum then told us that we were getting a kitten! We were very excited. We got to the kitten adoption place where we met Nimbus. Our cute little kitten. It was love at first sight!

His full name is Nimbus Devil Vella-Wright.

Gym Jade!!