Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yesterday was one of the days of the biggest competition, VICS. Yesterday, it was the team awards and I was in the IDP 5 team. We did really well and all that paid off because we came first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so happy! I nearly fell off the podium because we have 5 IDP 5s. We got our medal and the club will get a penant thing. MLC's IDP 6 gymnasts didn't have a team because there's only 2 and one didn't compete but she came with us. Tomorrow is the Individual awards. It's yesterday's score and tomorrow's score combined. So if I got 15.150 (which I did) on Bars yesterday, and I got 15.150 again tomorrow, I will have a Bars score of 30.300 which is really good. So far, I'm the State Champion of IDP 5. Christchurch competes as well but if they get something, a Victorian gets it as well because it's Victorian Championships.

Gym Jade!!!!!

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